5 Fast and Easy Ways to Update Your Look

5 Fast and Easy Ways to Update Your Look

Changing up your makeup for the new year

Are you thinking about changing your hair or beauty routine? I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like change… even when it comes to makeup. If you look through my collection you’ll notice an array of brand from various brands, but one thing remains the same… the color palette. I have about four peachy pink blushes, five raspberry glosses, and I won’t even admit to you the amount of taupe shadows I have. You can say that I’m in a bit of a makeup rut and in need of a new look.

These are a few ways that I plan on updating my beauty routine for the new year.

Brighter lipstick. A fun way to update your look this year is adding a gorgeous, pop of color to your lips. If you would prefer, a gloss or lip stain would also work. While you want to update your look, you still want to be comfortable… and most of all, you.

Bolder brows. Bold brows are in and it’s the perfect way to change up your look without having to do a ton of work. Add a little extra powder and you can have brows as flawless as Audrey Hepburn. Bolder brows is good, just not overly drawn on brows.

Mineral makeup. Another great way to change things up is by going the more natural route and using mineral makeup. There are a variety of affordable mineral makeup brands currently on the market. You can now save money while updating your look!

Fabulous lashes. Nothing screams an updated look quite like using false lashes. Whether you’re using singles or strips, false lashes could really change your look.

Get bangs. Bolder brows isn’t the only thing that could really drastically change your look. Change your hair by getting bangs! If you’re not interested in bangs, a major haircut could do the trick.

It’s time for a change and these are just some of the fun ways you can almost instantly update your look. Let me know your favorite ways to change your look!


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