AHAVA Clineral SkinPro Line

AHAVA Clineral SkinPro Line

AHAVA SkinPro Line

I’m always on the hunt for the next great skincare product. When it comes to my skin, I don’t have many imperfections, but I’m looking to avoid that. I’m getting ready to turn 34 in November and I want to make sure that my skin is getting the best products. I might cry when the credit card bill arrives, but I don’t mind paying money for quality skincare products. It’s worth it in the end when I’m older and I don’t have a lot of problems. But when I can find high quality skincare that’s affordable, that makes me giddy with happiness.

Beauty Stat sent me two new Clineral SkinPro products from AHAVA to test out. I’ve used products from this brand before and I’ve had mixed feelings and results. Obviously nothing crazy horrible otherwise I wouldn’t be testing out the Calming Facial Moisturizer or the Gentle Cleansing Gel.

Let’s start with the Gentle Cleansing Gel ($21). This is formulated for:

  • Sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation
  • Allergy prone skin
  • Skin intolerant of ordinary/other cosmetics

I have allergy prone skin and a lot of other brands have really irritated my skin. I’ve done many returns to Sephora and ULTA when products make my skin break out. Please note, with skincare everyone’s skin is going to react differently. This comes in a 3.4 fl oz squeeze tube, which I really like. With skincare I prefer squeeze tubes or pumps. This is purely for sanitary reasons. There is a scent to it, it’s not horrible or overpowering. You only really smell it when you open the bottle. Once you start using the cleansing gel you won’t smell it too much. I’m prone to migraines and this didn’t cause anything. I’ve only used this a short time and I am noticing a positive improvement to my skin. It feels so clean, and fresh. It didn’t irritate my skin in any way. So far I’m enjoying it.

The Calming Facial Moisturizer ($29) comes in a smaller 1.7 fl oz bottle and has a similar scent as the cleansing gel. It’s formulated for the same people as the gel. The moisturizer is really light weight and helps moisturize my skin. We’re getting ready to go into the fall and winter months, which is when my skin tends to get a little dry. I think this moisturizer is going to help with that.

What I really enjoy the most is that both products are under $30, which makes them more affordable than most skincare products. If you’re in the market for some new skincare, I highly recommend checking out the SkinPro Line from AHAVA… it may be just what you’re looking for.

Disclaimer: Products were sent from BeautyStat for editorial purposes. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


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