Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & The Beast


“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” That’s probably one of the most famous quotes from Beauty & Beast and it’s always a line that always struck a chord with me. Since the movie first in 1991 (I was 9 years old), it’s been my all-time favorite Disney movie with Belle being one of my Disney princesses. I watched this movie so much on VHS that the tape got ruined and my parents had to get me a new copy! So it’s no surprise that when I heard this was going to be a live action version I was a little skeptical. No one wants to see their favorite movie as a kid ruined.

Once teaser photos and the trailer hit the Internet I got so excited. While many weren’t too thrilled about Emma Watson being cast to play the strong, and well-read Belle, but I thought she looked the part. I’m not familiar with Dan Stevens (Beast), but his transformation into the beast was pretty amazing. What I liked about his version more is that you can see some part of his human self when you look into his eyes.

What I really loved about the movie was that they stayed with the original story, but added a fresh take on it. They added a little more information on why The Prince became the Beast and a backstory into what happened to Belle’s mom. The music was the same, with a few original songs for the film that were very Broadway-eqsue. I was so happy watching and see that the Beast got his own song, a powerful, and emotional ballad called Evermore. The musical numbers were great, and Be Our Guest was so fun to watch that I had to keep stopping myself from wanting to see along.

The cinematography, scenery, costumes were all on point! It was amazing how much they brought this movie to life. I actually prefer the look of Lumière (Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) in this version to the original. The castle looked enchanting, yet terrifying. Everything looked as how I would imagine it to look in a live action movie.

Luke Evans made the perfect Gaston, and Josh Gad was hilarious as his sidekick LeFou. They both had great comedic timing and their voices were on point. I knew Gad was a good singer because of Frozen, but I wasn’t aware that Evans could sing. Watson fit the part perfectly as Belle. She just has that look! You could hear that Watson was a good singer, but the autotune did ruin things a little bit. Majority of films will use autotune when someone is signing, but this was just too much.

The chemistry between Evans and Watson made the film work. The famous dance sequence between the two was magical and her dress was gorgeous. Even though Evans spent majority of the movie as the Beast with his voice completely altered, he really did an amazing job. Especially when you hear all the behind the scenes stuff he did while filming the movie.

If you’re a fan of Beauty & the Beast I highly recommend seeing it. Everyone did a great job turning this classic Disney film into a live action movie worthy of all the praises it’s getting. I even suspect that the song Evermore could earn a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for best original song. I hope those who see it still see the beauty and magic in this movie as they did the Disney.


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