Berkshire Plus Size Tights

Berkshire Plus Size Tights

Berkshire Plus Size Tights

When it comes to winter, Illinois can be unpredictable. But I still try to be as prepared as I can when heading out for holiday parties and events. One of the best ways for me is with my Berkshire Tights. I’ve reviewed these in the past and I had the opportunity to try out some new stuff from the plus size line.

Let’s be real. Some brands claim to be one size fits all, but they’re not. I’ve never had trouble with the regular Berkshire line, but I was excited to try these since I figured they’d fit better. Three different products were sent: Berkshire Plus Size Textured Tights , The Bottom’s Up Tight Firm All the Way by Berkshire, and Berkshire Trend fishnet stockings.

Berkshire Plus Size Tights

BerkShire Plus Size – The Easy On! Textured Tights ($16 or 2/$26)

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been one for textured tights growing up. Now, well as of the last 10 years or so, I’ve really liked wearing them. I have the Easy On! tights in the size 1x / 2x in Grey Metal. These are my favorite to wear under jeans or dress pants if I’m going to be out all day and it’s really cold out. They work great at just providing that extra warmth in my legs. They fit comfortably, they do stretch a little bit, they didn’t run or tear at all. The material is a little bit thicker than what I’ve used in the past, and I love it. I know these are going to last and be a staple in my wardrobe.

Berkshire Plus Size Tights

Firm All the Way by Berkshire – Bottom’s Up Tight ($14 or 2/$25)

Did the name alone catch your attention like it did for me? The material on the Firm All the Way Bottom’s Up Tights are interesting. It’s a little thicker than most tights, but I can’t quite put my finger on what type of material is it. It’s nice, they fit perfectly, and I haven’t had any issues with the tights running. Though I’ve only worn these a handful of times, but that’s still good. I’ve had tights from Walgreen’s tear just as I was putting them on. These I have the size 1x – 2x in Black. These are nice when you’re getting dressed up, but I do prefer nude tights.

With the Bottom’s Up Tight it firms, lights, and shapes your bottom while flattening your tummy. Not on that, but it also firms all the way, lifts, tones, and shapes your legs with graduated compression. For the price, this really is a nice pair of tights. If you go to a lot of events and need a pair of tights that won’t run or tear? Save yourself the hassle and give these a try!

Berkshire Plus Size Fishnet Tights

Berkshire Trend Fishnet ($11)

Whenever I hear or see fishnet stockings I always think of that lamp from the movie, ‘A Christmas Story’. I’ve never been one to wear fishnet because I’ve never had the best luck with them. I’ve always been regular, solid tights or knee highs. This pair of Fishnet is in the size 3x – 4x in black. They were a bit big, I think the 1x – 2x would be better. I only wore these once since they were too long. Size wise, it being too big wasn’t a problem, it’s just that they were too long and it was noticeable in the feet. Unless I want to wear fishnet stockings Steve Urkel style, it just didn’t work.

I’ve tried fishnet tights in the past, and these are definitely the softest pair that I’ve tried. You can dress these up or down during the summer and winter months which is an added bonus. If you’re into the style, I highly recommend trying them out!


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