Create Your Own Anastasia Eye Shadow Palette

Create Your Own Anastasia Eye Shadow Palette

Anastasia Single Shadows

I love being able to create my own eye shadow palette. I never really buy the larger palettes since there’s also several colors that I just don’t and wouldn’t use. While the palette is a great price, when you don’t use two to four shadows, it makes it not worth spending the money on. Because of that I don’t typically buy palettes that I can’t create my own using a brand’s single shadow pans. This is why I jumped at the chance to create a 4-pan palette using Anastasia shadows.

I’ve heard many bloggers and YouTubers rave about her eye shadow palettes so I figured I was going to get amazing quality shadows with the single pans. But because I’ve never used her shadows, her brow pencils are my holy grail, I wanted to stick with neutral shades. The four shadows that I purchased were: Fawn, Birkin, Warm Taupe, and Topaz. Plus I picked up the empty palette to pop the shadow pans in.

Anastasia Single Shadows 3
Anastasia Single Shadows Up Close
Anastasia Single Shadows Swatches

These are probably the perfect every day shadows that you can wear to work, or smoke out a little bit with Fawn or a black shadow if you have one for going out at night. I pretty much live in warn taupe, which is that a warm taupe with the slightest hint of shimmer. I’ll pop a little Topaz into the crease.

The shadows are nicely pigmented, they apply to the lids nicely, and blend easily. I do have to wear an eyes shadow primer or they will crease within the hour. This happens with pretty much every eye shadow brand that I wear.

The shadows are reasonably priced at $12 each, with the palette $1 at Sephora. There are a wide range of shadows for you to choose from. Whether you’re someone who loves bold colors that would make Lisa Frank proud, or would prefer neutral every days shadows for work and school, there’s going to be something for every one. That’s the beauty of this brand, she makes products for every type of makeup wearer. I highly recommend checking out Anastasia’s eye shadows!

Have you tried her brand before? What are some of your favorite products?


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