Enjoying a Relaxing Sunday Outside

Enjoying a Relaxing Sunday Outside

Home Along House
Between my full-time job, freelance writing, my daily blog, and Etsy shop, things can get a bit hectic. Sometimes when the weekend rolls around I just want to clean, take photos for my blog, watch a movie or catch up on TV, and just stay in and relax. I’m hustling all week that I just want to be lazy on the weekend. This weekend was a bit different, it was relaxing, but spent riding around a nice area, shopping, checking out a famous house, and dipping my feet into Lake Michigan.

It started out Saturday night where I went to get appetizers and drinks with my mom, who hasn’t had the best week, and I thought ‘Hey! Let’s go for a drive!’ The weather was perfect and neither one of was were tired and looking to go home. Since we were in Schaumburg, I’d figured we’d head to Northbrook since 53 ends at Lake Cook Road. As we were driving I thought we’d drive past Northbrook to see all the nice houses in Winnetka and Glencoe. Then I squealed a little bit and thought, ‘we can go see the Home Alone house!’. As we were driving the street I needed to go down was blocked off for a night concert event in the park. We kept driving around, but decided to see the house tomorrow.

Sunday morning we went for breakfast at our favorite place in Glen Ellyn, got gas and a much-needed car wash, some coffee and headed out back to Northbrook. We mainly went out there because I wanted to see if Neiman Marcus carries Hourglass so I can check out their new stick foundation. They didn’t, but I tried it on at Sephora and it looked horrible on me. So we went back and I decided to test out the Giorgio Armani makeup counter. $200 dollars later we were done! I will be posting a separate blog on what I picked up after my primer and lipstick arrive in the mail.

Home Alone House side view

We headed to Winnetka so we can finally see the house from Home Alone. Let me tell you, this was one of my favorite movies growing up. I loved watching it every year during the holidays. I’d say for the last several years I’ve wanted to make the drive and see the house in person. Let me tell you, it was worth the drive! The house is so pretty in person, minus the gate they put up. I’m guessing people kept walking up to the door for photos? I’m not sure, but it was really cool to see the house in person. There was one couple there taking photos, and about three or four cars showed up a few minutes after we did.

The area there is gorgeous. I loved all of the houses, even the condos in the area are beautiful. If I had the money I would move to that area in a heartbeat!

Beach in Winnetka

After we took photos we decided not to head home and go back to this one park we stopped at last summer to check out Lake Michigan. I believe it’s the Winnetka Park District, but they were closed. The gates were open and you were able to sit on the grass or walk along the beach. They have this long part that goes out into the water that you can walk, or sit on while reading a book. It was nice to dip my feet in the water since it was pretty hot outside. The view was amazing. Just sitting there, reading a book would be the perfect way to spend my Sunday.

We took the long way home and just enjoyed the drive again. It was the perfect relaxing weekend to have. I was able to help my mom take her mind off what’s probably going to be the longest week of her life. More on that another day.

What is your perfect idea of a relaxing day or weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


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