L’BRI Lipgloss Review

L'BRI Lip Glosses in Candy Apple and Wisteria Main Image

I love getting the opportunity to test out brands from companies many people aren’t familiar with. L’BRI is one of those brands. Even I’ve never heard of them, but when I was contacted to test out some skincare and beauty products, I jumped at the chance. I’m still testing out the skincare, you can expect a huge skincare review coming shortly. But I have tested out their lip glosses.

I received two lip glosses ($10.95) in the shades: Candy Apple and Wisteria. Candy Apple is a baby pink with gold reflects, and Wisteria is a medium-toned pinky bronze. They both have nice pigmentation to them, but Candy Apple was a little patchy. It didn’t go on as smooth as Wisteria. Wisteria is absolutely beautiful, it has a gorgeous sheen to it, and I love on natural it looks. There is a small scent with both glosses, but nothing strong. In fact, once I apply the gloss I can’t smell anything anymore.

Like with most glosses, I’d say these lasted a solid two to three hours before I had to re-apply. There was transfer once I started drinking my coffee or water, but nothing too crazy. Again, this is what I would expect from a gloss. The packaging for Wisteria is a little bigger, which is strange. I’m not sure if there’s more product in it, since the difference in the height of the tube isn’t that significant. Still worth pointing out.

One of the biggest drawbacks to ordering something that’s strictly online or catalog is that you don’t get to see things switched on your hand or test them out. Just because they look a certain way on one person, doesn’t mean it’ll show up the same way on you. Even after saying that, I’m really enjoying Wisteria lip gloss. Candy Apple is just not a flattering color on me. I think these glosses, at this price point, are definitely worth a try. If you’re not happy the catalog does state, “All L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL color cosmetics may be returned or exchanged within 14 days from the original date of purchase. Complete return policy at lbri.com“.

I’m enjoying the gloss so far and I’m definitely interested in checking out some more makeup items. Don’t forget to check back to see my thoughts on their skincare products!


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