MAC Will Soon Be Available At ULTA Stores

MAC Will Soon Be Available At ULTA Stores

MAC Coming to ULTA
Are you a fan of MAC and don’t have a location near you? Things are about to get better for you! The popular makeup company announced they’ll be heading to beauty retailer ULTA Beauty, according to reports on Women’s Wear Daily.

Don’t get too excited though. MAC will start selling their products on the ULTA’s website before hitting a fraction of stores later. The brand is currently sold at their locations and various department stores. This is major news for beauty enthusiasts since the company recently began selling NARS Cosmetics, a luxury brand found a department stores and SEPHORA.

“This is a great opportunity to bring MAC on stream to a whole new audience,” said Buglisi Weiler, MAC global brand president. “In my mind, there’s maybe a customer who shops at Ulta, but has never walked into a MAC store. Maybe she’s never walked into a Nordstrom to purchase MAC or maybe she’s never walked into a Macy’s.”

According to reports, MAC will take up about 200 square feet per store with about 600 stockkeeping units of assorted products. This is what you would typically find with the higher brands found at ULTA, however it’s only half of the 1,200 available sky’s MAC currently has at department stores, and the 1,500 skis at their own boutiques.

ULTA currently has a special page showcasing the countdown to the launch of MAC, which states that you can browse online starting April 23 and shop online on May 7.

What are your thoughts about MAC coming to ULTA stores? Personally, I can’t wait! I hope I can use my rewards points on the brand because that would be absolutely amazing!


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