MAC Palette Party

MAC Palette Party

MAC Palette Party Event
There are so many different parties you can attend as a beauty blog, but my favorite by far has been the MAC Palette Party. Okay, so it wasn’t actually called a palette party, but someone joked and called it that. It sort of stuck with me.

Almost two weeks I was invited to my first blogger event with MAC and I was so excited! Of course that was the day the weather was going to be weird and every parking garage was going to be filled. I won’t even get started on the construction and traffic. If you’ve been to Chicago and drive in the city, you know my pain. But all that didn’t stop the amazing time that I had visiting the MAC store on Michigan Avenue.

To be honest, I didn’t even know this store was there. If I go to MAC I always go to the one at Woodfield Mall, but if I’m in the city I’d visit the one at Water Tower Place. This one is a little different since it’s a pro store, which means they have a few more items than what you’d fine at a regular MAC store or counter. The other MAC pro store is in Lincoln Park I believe.

At the event we got to check out the new palette options that MAC Cosmetics is offering. Let me tell you, this is pretty awesome! So here’s how it works, you have four empty pro palette compacts to choose from:

  • Pro Palette Small ($8)
  • Pro Palette Medium ($8)
  • Pro Palette Large / Single ($8)
  • Pro Palette Large / Duo ($8)

I do want to point out that they also have the Pro Palette Eye Shadow Concealer in x2 ($5) and x4 (Compact) ($8). But I don’t know if these were knew since we were checking out the shadow and blushes compacts. For inserts you have four options as well:

  • Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer x 6 ($1)
  • Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer x9 ($2)
  • Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer x 15 ($2)
  • Pro Palette Blush / Powder x 2 ($1)

MAC Palette Party
MAC Palette Party

There are quite a few options to choose from, and I had so much fun creating the perfect palette for me. Since I have a good amount of eye shadows, I wanted went with the x6 shadow palette to find shades to go with the ones I currently have. The eye shadows ($6 each) that I chose were:

  • Woodwinked
  • Arena
  • Saddle
  • Soft Brown
  • Charcoal Brown
  • Cork

I only own three cheek products from MAC: Emphasize (Highlighter), Cantaloupe (blush) and Fleur Powder (blush). So I knew this was my chance to really try out their blushes and maybe a bronzer. I have one shimmer and one matte (Emphasize) highlighters so I’m good in that department. I went with three powder blushes ($17 each), though one is going to be used as a bronzer, and one creme blend blush ($17). I picked up:

  • Desert Rose
  • Harmony (will use as a bronzer)
  • Pinch Me
  • Posey (cremeblend blush)

I’ll be the first to admit that I may seem “boring” when it comes to my makeup, but I love neutral looks. This is what I feel the most confident in. But don’t worry, my goal this year is to break out of my comfort zone and try more fun, brighter colors. I absolutely love everything that I picked up and this is probably my favorite palette to date.

Normally I wouldn’t put a cream product with powder shadows and blushes, but I really wanted to try that blush. It’s just a gorgeous, everyday shade. Perfect for days when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup.

I have plans to get one more cremeblend blush and put it in the Pro Palette Small and get another x6 insert to put in the rest of my shadows. It’d work out better for me, and would make the palette perfect for travel. I doubt I would travel with cream products. It could get messy.

A huge thank you to the wonderful people at MAC Cosmetics for inviting me in. I had so much fun meeting everyone and checking out their new palette system. The lunch afterwards… delicious! If you’re in the city I highly recommend checking out the Hampton Social. It’s such a cute face with amazing food. I swear I felt like I was in heaven trying everything.

But don’t forget to stop by the new MAC store at 540 North Michigan Avenue, and say how to John who is the Regional Makeup Artist and a really cool guy. I really think that a lot of MAC, and makeup wearers in general, are going to love this new system.

What would be your perfect MAC palette?


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