The Makeup Show Chicago Recap

The Makeup Show Chicago Recap

It’s no secret that I have a love for makeup. I like seeing what brands are releasing new products, testing things out, and offering up reviews about what products are worth getting, and what you should just avoid.

I’m not an expert, and I don’t have an education in makeup or the industry. I just like to give my point of view of the products I’m testing out.

By attending shows like the Makeup Show Chicago, I have a chance to check out seminars and get educated on makeup, techniques, and the industry. I use that knowledge to create better content for my blog and help educate those who read my blog.

The last show was in November and they decided to have another one in June, but I believe it’s because they’re switching dates with Los Angeles. The show took place again at the Revel Fulton Market in Chicago, not to far from the first location. Because the last show was only six months ago, there weren’t as many brands. Even so, the show was amazing. The theme was having the perfect products to get through Chicago’s insanely hot summers.

While waiting in line you can tell everyone was just as excited for the show to begin. The classes this time around looked even better than before and some of the best of the best in th industry was attending and offering tips on the industry, finding the right products and how to use them, and networking.

While shopping the amazing deals you have the amazing opportunity to speak with the owners of the brands and the top makeup artists for them. Not to mention there are always product launches that you can check out and purchase before they hit stores. The show is all about education, and speaking with the brands you’re going to really learn about their products.

If you’re an educator, a student, or a working professional in the beauty industry I highly recommend checking out the Makeup Show Chicago. It gets even better every year, and I continue learning more about beauty and the industry each time I go.


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