NEW Berkshire Plus Size Legwear

The New Berkshire Plus Size Legwear collection

Are you a plus size woman looking for comfortable legwear for both daytime and going out at night? Berkshire is the top brand that offers a variety of items in regular, curvy, and maternity. Their products are quality made, but won’t break the bank. I’ve been able to test out several items in the past and have really enjoyed them. There’s a few that I still use on a regular basis.

This time around I had the opportunity to try the Max Coverage Ankle Length, and the Max Coverage Capri Length from the Easy On! Berkshire Collection. I also received the Berkshire Trend sheer to waist stretch fishnet leg. All items are in the size 1x – 2x, which fit me perfectly. I have a tiny bit of extra room so if anything shrinks nothing will be tight on me.

Berkshire Trend Fishnet plus size tights

Berkshire Trend Fishnet ($11)

I was sent the fishnet stockings with my last package, but the size was wrong, so I really loved that they sent me the 1x – 2x so I can wear them more. Whether you’re wearing a long or short skirt, or a dress, these look great! they are chic, comfortable, and I haven’t experienced any tearing. These do run a little more than what you would find at a department store or Walgreen’s, but the quality is better and they’re going to last.

Berkshire The Easy On! Ankle and Capri style tights

The Easy On! Max Coverage Ankle Length ($18 or 2 for $30)

The Max Coverage Ankle Length tights are by far my favorite! The Easy On are easily some of the most comfortable tights to wear. The are in the shade stone, which is really nice for everyday wear. I’ll even wear these under regular pants, or with my skirts. I will say, because of me height they do go a tiny bit past the ankle. It’s not really noticeable, but since I’m short, this tends to happen with a lot of clothing items. The quality of the tights are some of the best I’ve tried and I’ve never experienced a run with them.

The Easy On! Max Coverage Capri Length ($16 or 2 for $26)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen capri length tights. This alone made me really excited to try these out! My favorite part about these is that I can, if I choose to, wear them with my agri pants in the spring and summer. I don’t wear short shorts, and these would work perfectly. Right now I wear them with dress pants and skirts. They’re just as comfortable as the other tights, and are made with a little bit of a thicker material than previous tights I’ve worn. The quality is amazing, and the price is even better. The ones I have are in black. I’ve always preferred nude tights / stockings, but the black ones are still really nice.

Berkshire is a great brand for quality, affordable legwear. I can’t even begin to tell you how many tights I’ve had to throw out because of how quick I got a run or they tore by the toes. I’ve had pairs that were sent from last year that still look brand new. They’re insanely comfortable and I love that they offer sizes for everyone. If you’re on the hunt for afforable legwear, I can’t say enough great things about Berkshire’s pluses collection.


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