Rimmel Oh My Gloss

Rimmel Oh My Gloss

I love when brands release something a little different than what’s currently on the market. I got a little excited when I saw Rimmel released a line of oil tints called Oh My Gloss. At first, I thought these would be similar to those tints from YSL, but these are completely different.

The Oh My Glosses are an oil tint that offers a beautiful gloss to the lips. They’re great for an every day, no fuss makeup look. I didn’t go too crazy, I only picked up three shades: 300 Modern Pink, 400 Contemporary Coral, and 500 Pop Poppy. Pop Poppy is my absolutely favorite shade because it gives your lips that nice pop of color. Contemporary Coral is pretty but doesn’t look the best against my skin tone, and Modern Pink is another fun bright shade. Since they’re sheer, the colors aren’t crazy intense or unwearable.

There’s a minor scent, but nothing intense and it won’t bother you if you have any sensitivities. While there isn’t a ton of pigmentation, it still gives your lips some color. It’s moisturizing, with re-application every several hours. They’re pretty moisturizing, but if you have super dry lips I highly recommend using a lip conditioner beforehand.

If you haven’t tried these, check them out! They’re nice tinted lip oils that are perfect for the weather changing into the colder months.


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