See What’s New From Berkshire

See What’s New From Berkshire

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to test out the newest items from the Berkshire line. I don’t dress up that often, but when I do I’m looking for something that’s going to fit comfortable, feel amazing, and look good with what I’m wearing. It’s not much, but I’m always happy with the results I get from Berkshire.

This time around I’m testing out three different pairs from the plus size collection: From the Easy On! line I have  Cooling Comfy Control and Get Skinny tights. The third pair is the Shimmers Opaque Queen Control Top Tights. All three pairs are full on tights that go up to your belly button. I’m barely pushing 5’2” so they go slightly higher than that on me, which I’m absolutely good with.

Dressed Up With Comfort and Cooling

I’ve had a few dinners to attend early fall when the weather was still somewhat warm so I opted for the cooling comfy control because I didn’t want to me super warm with what I was wearing. These were too comfortable to wear that I just about forgot that I was wearing them. Some tights leave a mark on my stomach because they’re often just a bit snug, these didn’t do that!

Casual Look with Get Skinny Tights

The Get Skinny pair from the Easy On! slightly (and comfortably!) tuck in your tummy a little bit., This would be great to wear with a skirt or dress. Of course I don’t really wear either of those, but they fit nicely when I had to get dressed up for a birthday dinner.

Opaque Tights in packaging

I haven’t had the opportunity to wear the shimmers opaque tights, but I plan on wearing those for Thanksgiving and again on Christmas since I’m planning on wearing a dress. I know! Shocker! I’m surprised myself, but these make me feel and look great that I’m going outside my comfort zone style-wise since I’m going to have the most comfortable tights on.


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