Sephora Chicago Grand Opening Event

Sephora Chicago Grand Opening Event

Sephora Grand Opening Event

Being able to attend events is always a lot of fun, but when I was invited to an invite-only event with Sephora I squealed with excited — literally! The Grand Opening, which marks Sephora’s 400th store, event took place on August 25th, the day before the store would officially open to the public. The 10,040 square foot Michigan Avenue street-level store is much larger (one of the largest in the district), has more brands, and some amazing features that will drive many people into the new store. Even me, and I live around 60 miles west of the city!

The new TIP Experience allows you to watch videos that shows you how to apply liner, create the best brow for your eye shape, and even offers a virtual beauty class so you can learn more about makeup, and how to apply it. Not sure how to create the perfect smoky eye? Sit down at your own little section, grab some makeup, and follow along. Hopefully you’ll walk away with more confidence and an amazing smoky eye!

There’s also the skin IQ section, (which features a sink!), that allows you to learn more about skincare, get a much-needed 20-minute facial, and have the chance to test out and play with skincare products before purchasing. Knowing your skin and what products to use it’s so important in making sure you skin is in the best condition.

The third new feature is being able to find your signature scent. Unfortunately, I’m deathly allergic to perfume so I had to stay far away from there. But if you’re looking to get new fragrance and not sure what you want… check this out! They also offer gift wrapping with your purchase. It honestly sounds really cool, and unique. I can’t think of any other store that has any of these three features for free.

You can also get your makeup done with the products used sent to your e-mail! I had mine done and she took a before and after photo, because who doesn’t love those? You scan the app for the type of makeup look you’d like done and the artist will walk around the store and choose the products. He or she will scan them so you can look back at what you used and purchase those items at a later date. Also included in the e-mail is the face chart that shows you what was used and how to apply it.

What I loved about the event is that the people at Sephora want you to learn. Learn about your skin and what to use, learn makeup techniques that will help create the looks you want to wear, and help you find the signature scent that suits you the best. I don’t think I’ve ever had this kind of learning experience shopping for makeup before.

When you think about it, this is important. You spend so much money on makeup, and skincare that you want to make sure you’re getting something that’s going to do good for the skin, work with your skin tone, and help make you feel amazing.

If you’re in the city doing some shopping, stop into the new Sephora. It’s amazing, and the people working there are really nice and have a lot of knowledge about beauty… and they’re looking to share it with you! No secrets there!

A huge thank you to everyone at Sephora for hosting the event, and Sheiva for inviting me. I had an amazing time! I can’t wait to go back, which will be soon! I need a facial and a consultation about what skincare I should be using.


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