Sole Patches – Wear Your Favorite Shoes Again!

Sole Patches – Wear Your Favorite Shoes Again!

Sole Patches piled up all together

Have you tossed away your favorite pair of heels because they make your feet hurt? I’ve been there! Thanks to being a member at BrandBacker I had the opportunity to pull out my favorite pair of heels thanks to the Sole Patches.

Sole Patches allows you to wear all of your favorite shoes without being in any pain. When I saw this I had to check it out, because I have yet to find anything that really works with my feet. I have wider feet, so they tend to hurt pretty quickly and easily. These adhesive pads definitely have their work cut out for them.

Sole Patches Up Close

Up close look at a sole patches pad

Getting Used to Adhesive Patches

Previous items I’ve tried were those pads that you slip into your shoes. These are different. You peel off the back and apply them to bottom of your foot and heel. Because I was used to the ones that fill the shoe, it did take a few minute for me to get used to the patches, but once I did they were perfect. My issue has always been the foot always hurting, and these made wearing heels 100 times more comfortable for me.

When you wear these it will eliminate the pain and soreness from walking around a lot. It also prevents your feet from sliding forward. It has medical-grade adhesive so it will last up to 24 hours of wear, which lets you have a little flexibility in switching shoes if needed.

side view of a Sole Patches pad

Peeling off adhesive from Sole Patches pad

How to Use the Sole Patches

Before applying, make sure your foot is clean and dry. Then flex your foot. This is going to make sure the pad will stick to optimal surface area. Make sure you’re aiming for the ball of your feet, heel, or wherever you find pain or soreness.

Are You Done Having Sore Feet?

I hate having my feet constantly hurt when I wear heels, and I’m glad I was able to test these out because they worked wonders for them! If you’re on the hunt for something that will let you wear your favorite shoes again without being crazy affordable ($9.95), I highly recommend giving Sole Patches a try.
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