When Life Gets in the Way

When Life Gets in the Way

It’s been a long, crazy few months and unfortunately that meant I had no time to work on my blog. I took a break because I knew I wouldn’t give my full attention to my blog and blog posts. I wrote a blog post about how I spent my Sunday Relaxing Outside. In this post I mentioned my mom having a really long week. Unfortunately things just got worse.

That week my mom went for her routine mammogram and they mentioned they saw something and the following week she needed to go in for a biopsy. Of course she was scared and I wanted to help take her mind off of everything. After the biopsy they confirmed that it was breast cancer. The good news, if you want to say that, was that the tumor was very small. Her doctor said they were going to cut the tumor out.

A week before her planned surgery she was doing routine housework to take her mind off of the surgery. While changing a recess lighting about the sink, she lost her balance and fell into the sink. Her chest hit and broke the faucet, and she hit her head on this ceramic Italian guy that she has. Thankfully nothing was broken, but since the bruising was too close to the tumor they postponed it a week.

She had her surgery and they took out the tumor, which was 1.9 cm, and classified as Stage 1. They also took out lymph nodes to make sure it’s not anywhere else. Thankfully it’s not. After more tests they said she would only need radiation (5-6 weeks), and no chemo. Because of the surgery and having the lymph nodes taken out from under her arm she can’t lift, do any housework, or cook.

I took care of everything. Unfortunately I have severe allergies and struggle with cleaning. Not to mention I’m allergic to the cleaning products as well. After doing the cooking, and cleaning, after working full-time, I was just too tired to work on my blog. Even my ETSY Shop wasn’t getting much attention. Now, everything is getting back to normal. My mom is feeling a lot better, she’s going to start radiation treatment on the 14th, and now it the right time to get back into blogging!

I can’t wait to get back into things and I have so many amazing blogs planned out! I’m feeling pumped, and positive… so let’s do this!


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